Family Resources

Gail Wadsworth – Clerk of Circuit Court (Flagler County)

Diane Matousek – Clerk of Circuit Court (Volusia County) 

Child Support Calculator

Florida Financial Affidavit (short form)

Standing Family Law Court Order – 7th Judicial Circuit

Timesharing Guidelines – 7th Judicial Circuit

Parenting Course Providers

Juvenile Resources

Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) Abuse Hotline

Parent’s Guide to Juvenile Dependency Court

Family Guide to Delinquency Court 

Community Partnership for Children 

Department of Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Expungement

Florida Statutes by Sunshine Statutes – (Sunshine States provides the Florida Statutes on one friendly website. This is a public alpha test of the site, which is to say that everything is under active development. Things are funny looking, broken, and generally unreliable right now. The authoritative text of the Florida Statutes is available on the legislature’s website.) for rough house values
NADA (New and used car values)
Kelley Blue Book (New and used car values)
Tax forms


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