personal-injury-mediation-lawyer-missouriWhat problems can the process of mediation resolve?

Without reservation, The Flagler Mediation Center can resolve most any pre-court conflict. With experience in many different types of conflicts, Stephen & Michelle Woodin can tackle even the trickiest problems between the parties. Once a compromise has been reached between the parties, the Mediator will memorialize this agreement to a written document for all parties to sign. The Flagler Mediation Center has a sliding fee for our mediation services, with the understanding that if the parties don’t at least partially settle, then the cost of mediation is FREE!

We can/will mediate the following cases with our settle or its free “guarantee”:

  • Divorce (including Timeshare & Child support issues)
  • Landlord/Tenant Problems
  • Contractor issues
  • Business Partner disputes
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Caring for an older relative disputes (between family members)
  • Roommate disputes
  • Co-worker disputes

Most cases will be priced at a flat rate for 2 hours with our hourly rate of $275.00 billed in 15 minute increments for any time over the first 2 hours.

The role of the mediator is neutral, confidential, and professional with the goal of helping the parties to reach a compromise that they both can agree with, but more importantly, will follow through with. The mediator is NOT an attorney, so they will not give legal advice. They may suggest that one or both of the parties should seek advice of an attorney, but that action is certainly up to the parties prior to signing any binding, legal agreement.

The mediators will also not tell you what your chances of “winning” with the judge, or what the judge may/may not do in your particular case. Mediation is not a Win/Lose process, it is a compromise, so everyone really walks away a little unhappy, because most of the time, no one gets everything that they want. Since we are pre-court mediation, there is no “order” for the parties to attend, they must WANT to attend and participate actively in the process for mediation to work.

If you have a conflict that you would like us to look at, contact us by filling out the form below and we will contact you to get more information.

Mediations scheduled by appointment, including nights & Saturdays.

To inquire about availability or to schedule a mediation complete the form below


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