Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation provides divorcing spouses with the opportunity to resolve contested issues before they file for divorce. It is a VOLUNTARY process where a third-party neutral (specially trained mediator) helps divorcing spouses negotiate with one another by facilitating communication between them and helping them to identify the needs and interests of both themselves and their children. A mediator will assist divorcing spouses to make decisions regarding the time-sharing/parenting plan and support of their children, the distribution of marital assets, spousal support, and any other issues that the parties deem important.

A Family Mediator has the specialized knowledge and skill to assist the parties in finding “neutral ground” as a resolution to the issues. They will NOT give advice and may at times advise that you seek advice from an Attorney licensed to practice in Florida. The mediator will not force anyone into an agreement, or decide the case for the parties. Mediation is confidential and 100% up to the parties to decide whether to settle or resolve the issue with a judge and the court system.

What is the typical schedule of mediation topics?

It is important to understand that if a divorcing couple chooses to mediate, they must know that it is THEIR mediation. Due to this fact, the schedule will unfold in a manner in which the divorcing couple sees fit. The Flagler Mediation Center will typically attempt to resolve the issues in the following order:

  • Parenting Plan/Time-Sharing
  • Equitable Distribution Of Assets/Debt
  • Alimony (if any)
  • Child Support
  • Any Other Issues Needing Resolution

What is the typical schedule of a mediation session?

Typically, most divorcing couples work during the day and may find it beneficial to conduct their sessions during the evening or even on the weekend. Other couples may prefer to conducting the mediation during the work day. The Flagler Mediation Center has the goal to be attentive to the needs of the divorcing couple. In accordance with that goal, mediation sessions are available during business days, after work hours in addition to select weekend hours.

What is the typical duration of the mediation process?

Typically mediation sessions last no longer than 2 to 3 hours. However, based on several different circumstances this may vary. The duration of the entire mediation is based on the complexity of the issues in the case. Generally, the entire mediation may take 1-3 sessions over several weeks.

What happens after the mediation?

The terms of the mediation will be memorialized into a Settlement Agreement and the divorcing spouses will each have an opportunity to review those terms and seek advice of legal council if they wish. After each spouse has reviewed the agreement, if there are no edits or discrepancies, each spouse will sign the agreement.

Am I legally divorced after the agreement is signed?

After the agreement has been signed, you are not legally divorced. However, assuming that all contested issues concerning child custody, child support, distribution of assets, marital debt, and any other miscellaneous issues that were resolved during the mediation, you may then proceed to file for an uncontested as opposed to contested divorce. A document preparation service is available at an additional cost to handle the legal documentation.

Do I need the assistance of any other third-party professionals?

At any point in the mediation, it may be to the benefit of the respective parties to seek out third-party assistance from neutral professionals such as tax consultants, appraisers, financial investment consultants or analysts, child therapists, or psychologists. For the convenience of the parties, The Flagler Mediation Center will maintain a roster of neutral professionals that will offer their services at an additional cost. The Flagler Mediation Center does not receive a referral fee from any professional on the list.

The Flagler Mediation Center is here to help

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Please note that any information submitted through the use of this form will remain confidential. Please further note that while the Flagler Mediation Center has taken reasonable precaution to secure transmission of information, it is not recommended that any highly confidential information be submitted.